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Day Care Programme

WHS day care provides well planned day with a balance of physical, intellectual and social activities in order to facilitate holistic development of childern.


At WHS Day Care, we understand that children need the freedom to explore, inquire and engage. We provide hands on learning that is stimulating and fun. So your child can grow, play and learn, while being engaged in art, music, language, games and puzzles. Day Care curriculum has been designed to enrich and enhance your child’s learning as he/she make friends, builds vocabulary and shares toys. It encompasses a whole range of physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills. Dinning is also a lesson as they learn to use forks and spoons to eat while not messing with the food.

Our rooms have been carefully equipped to provide the children a designated area that would give them a sense of belonging and security to actualise developmental milestones.

Our Mentors will encourage your child’s independence while letting him/her know that someone they depend on is always within reach for support.