School Calender

27th March – 03rd April 2023 New StudentsOrientation Week
05th April 2023 All ClassesSession Begins (Smile Week)
13th April 2023 All ClassesBaisakhi Celebration
21st April 2023All ClassesEarth Day
28th April 2023 All Classes World Dance Day
05th May 2023 All Classes Fruit / Vegetable Market
06th May 2023 All Classes P.T.M
12th May 2023 All ClasesMother’s Day
09th May- 13th May 2023 Playway- A & BYellow Week
19th May 2023 All ClassesLemonade Making Activity
24th May 2023 All ClassesMango-Mania
27th May 2023 All ClassesClass Party
27th May -13th June 2023 All ClassesSummer Camp
05th July- 07th July 2023 All ClassesBubble making activity
10th July-14th July 2023Playway,Nursery, K.G’SWater & Sea Life
14th July 2023U.K.GWater & Sea Life
17th July 2023 All ClassesShapes Activity
24th July-28th July 2023 All ClassesLetter and Number Activity
28th July 2023All ClassesInternational Tiger Day
05th August 2023 All ClassesP.T.M
09th August 2023 All ClassesColouring Competition
11th August 2023All ClassesIndependence Day Act
14th August 2023 All ClassesIndependence Day Celebration
18th August 2023 All ClassesJungle Safari
23rd -25th August 2023 All ClassesClay Moulding
28th -29th August 2023All ClassesRakhi Making
05th Sept 2023 All Classes Teachers’ Day Celebration
06th Sept 2023 All Classes Janamashtmi Celebration
08th Sept 2023 All ClassesTeddy Bear Outing Day
11th Sept - 15th Sept 2023 Playway Green Week
14th Sept 2023 U.K.GHindi Diwas
25th Sept -29th Sept 2023All ClassesHealth Awareness Week
05th – 06th Oct 2023Nursery, LKG, UKG Good-Bad Touch
07th Oct 2023All Classes P.T.M
10th - 11th Oct 2023 All ClassesGermination
16th -18th Oct 2023All Classes Plant Life
20th Oct 2023All Classes Craft Exhibition
25th -27th Oct 2023All ClassesShow and Tell
31st Oct 2023All ClassesHalloween Day
02th-03rd Nov 2023 All ClassesClass Photograph
06th Nov -08th Nov 2023 All Classes Fancy Dress Competition
09th-10th Nov 2023 All Classes Diwali Celebration
20th Nov – 22nd Nov 2023Playway and NurserySolo Dance
20th Nov – 22nd Nov 2023 LKG and UKGTalent Hunt
28th Nov 2023Nursery Show and Tell
29th Nov 2023K.G’SShow and Tell
30th Nov 2023 PlaywayShow and Tell
02nd Dec 2023All ClassesP.T.M
13th -15th Dec 2023 All ClassesStory Telling Competition
22nd Dec 2023All ClassesChristmas Celebration
28th Dec 2022 PlaywayStory Telling Competition
23rd Dec 2022All ClassesChristmas Celebration
08th Jan 2024All Classes School Re-opens (Cartoon Week)
12th Jan 2024All ClassesLohri Celebration
29th Jan 2024 L.K.G & U.K.GSpell Bee Competition
02nd Feb 2024L.K.G & U.K.GHandwriting Competition
Annual Art and Craft
Poetry Day
Grandparents Day
Sports Day
Annual Day
Graduation Day
Final P.T.M
Dates to be intimated later
*(All dates for holidays/ events are subject to change. All Saturdays are holidays for children.)